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Featured Weight loss Testimonial

Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection

Restoring Your Breasts and Body After Pregnancy



Life after Weight loss

Dr. Corbin performs the following Aesthetic Services:

Botox, Dermal Fillers - Juvederm, Sculptra, Latisse, Co2 Fractional Laser – Skin Rejuvination, Cellulite Treatment – Smoothshape Laser, Acne And Acne Scar Treatment, Dermapen/Collagen Induction Therapy, Customized Medical Facials, Stem Cell Therapies, Custom Peels, and Hyperpigmentation Treatment. Click here for details.


Join the hundreds of happy patients who have had Liposuction with Dr. Corbin. Along with diet and exercise lipo can help you reshape your problem areas.

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For a limited time Dr. Corbin is offering a special for lipo contouring. Receive the first area of lipo at regular price and get the second area at 50% off !!!!

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Lose the weight you want and let Dr. Corbin help you get the dream body you have always wanted!
Featured Weight loss patient's testimonial

Testimonial: As I look back 10 years ago, I never thought I would have an amazing new body and breasts that I have today. My journey to accomplish this personal goal starts at the age of seventeen. I was faced with a new adventure in my life, I became a teen mom. After the pregnancy I gained over a major amount of weight. I had loose skin around the abdomen and saggy breasts. I thought I would never wear a Bikini again. read more

Weight loss patient's testimonial

Testimonial: After spending many years taking care of my parents and letting myself go, I decided it was time for me! I started working out with a personal trainer, eating the right foods and paying more attention to myself and my appearance. In 9 months I lost 30 pounds and dropped 17% body fat. Wow, I now have incredible energy and a very positive attitude about myself and my body. The only part of my appearance that I was not happy with was my Breasts and face. The weight loss turned my 36 C breasts into 36AA breasts. It was after my weight loss I thought about a breast augmentation...more weightloss testimonial

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Dr. Corbin's Newsletter - Beautiful breasts after pregnancy

Beautiful breasts after pregnancy

Many women fear the inevitable weight gain and physical changes of pregnancy, even though it's normal and healthy. The average weight gain with pregnancy can range from 25 lbs to 50 lbs or more.

Due to hormone fluctuations with pregnancy and size changes, the breasts are affected before, during and after pregnancy. The breasts usually start increasing in size after the first 8 weeks. Some women’s breasts may increase as much as one or two cup more

Healthy Tip

Exercise can help prevent the common cold. According to research done for the American Journal of Medicine, women who do not exercise may have three times the risk of colds compared to those who do a 45 minute work out 5 days a week

Physical Changes after Weight loss

Weight loss following morbid obesity, weight loss surgery, pregnancy, or simply as a result of diet and exercise can lead to significant physical changes in a persons' appearance that are not always positive or physically attractive. Most individuals following weight loss develop areas of excess hanging skin and or fat. Areas commonly affected after major weight loss are the face, neck, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, buttocks, flanks, medial thighs and lateral thighs.

The major cause of excess skin following weight loss can be quite simple. With extra body fat the muscles, skin and other tissues of the body expand and stretch to accommodate the extra weight. The skin adjusts to accommodate the fat under the skin and it stretches affecting the skins elasticity usually leaving it damaged and hanging after weight loss.

Cosmetic Surgery after Weight loss

Whatever the amount of hanging skin a patient has after weight loss it can usually be removed and reshaped with cosmetic surgery. There are many advanced body sculpting techniques to remove the extra skin and help each patient achieve a more attractive body contour. In this website we will discuss some of the general concerns some patients have about the physical appearance of the body after major weight loss.

Because cosmetic surgery is an important decision we advise each patient to have a personal consultation to be educated, and evaluated for plastic surgery body contouring procedures.

Some of the most rewarding, most time consuming and most difficult plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures are the body lifts, thighplasty, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, breast lifts, buttock lifts, face lifts and neck lifts. For the best results these surgeries should only be performed by very experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The most important thing we try to do is improve your appearance and self esteem following weight loss. Plastic surgery is the final reward after months and sometimes years of discipline, weight loss surgery, dieting, exercising and a commitment to losing weight. Losing major amounts of weight is a very emotional and empowering process for many patients. Major weight loss can be a patient's personal commitment to themselves to be more in control of their weight, their lives, their appearance and their health.

At Dr. Corbin's office, we are here for weight loss patients to help make their final body image goals a reality. We offer a very supportive staff to assist patients every step of the way to reaching their ideal body. Dr. Corbin's plastic surgery body sculpting procedures are changing lives, one patient at a time. The most important thing we do is improve your appearance and self esteem after weight loss.

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Getting the most out of your consultation

The top 10 reasons NOT to have plastic surgery


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